Jungle Augmento™ Helmet Ghillie Cover

Jungle Augmento™ Helmet Ghillie Cover

[𝙖𝙪̯ɡˈ𝙢ɛ𝙣̪.𝙩̪ɔ] Latin 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘣 1. growth / change

Scalable, multi-tier helmet ghillie.

Build your own custom cover from the ground up, perfectly suited for your operational environment.

Finally, a practical helmet cover. Quickly attach to add an extra element of concealment to your kit. Adds color, texture and shadow to instantly break up the shape and appearance of your head. Rapidly remove at any time within seconds thanks to design simplicity, or use included zip ties for a more permanent installation.

End user has the ability to install onto any device, and then add additional foliage or camouflage material to meet a multitude of mission requirements. 

- Adjustable shock-cord, fits any helmet.
- Helps organize cables and other equipment already in use.
- Extremely lightweight and simple design.
- Can be stowed away into a very small space.
- Scalable structure to add local vegetation or extra material.
- Use on virtually any piece of kit such as spotting scopes, cameras or backpacks.

Base model: 1 oz.

3 ways to secure; Loop, zip, or clip.

Included with base model:
-  Waterproof camouflage netting
- Augmento™  Helmet Harness
- Two micro S-clips
- Four micro Zip-Ties

Jute: /jo͞ot/ noun 1. Rough fiber made from the stems of a tropical Old World plant, used for making twine and rope.

Foliage: Small, hand-cut leaves of various shapes and sizes. Made from a water-proof, rip-stop material. 

Each Augmento™ helmet cover is hand made, in house here in beautiful North Idaho, USA. No two are the same. 

Pair with a LowPro Lanyard™ for ultimate helmet organization.

Each ghillie is hand made upon request, orders typically ship within 3-5 business days.