Augmento™ Ghillie Snake

Augmento™ Ghillie Snake

Our newest member of the Augmento family; 
The Ghillie Snake. A multi-use, quick application, seven foot length of camo netting on shock cord that can be wrapped around just about anything. Virtually weightless, this essential piece of kit can be stowed away and forgotten about until that extra element of stealth is required.

Stretch tight around a rifle, tripod, spotting scope, rocket launcher, etc. 

Combine with Helmet and backpack ghillie for greatest concealment. 

5.5’x 3” (can be stretched to 9’)

Compressible to pocket-size.

1 ounce

Disclaimer: This is a stealth orientated product. It is not fire-proof nor snag-proof. Use caution during vehicle borne operations.